The safety of members of Tune Travel is a priority and we have made our web-site as secure as we can. All members' details are stored securely in the database and only the members' intended contact and travel information can be accessed on-line.

To further improve security, we have two categories of membership i.e. Ordinary Members and Verified Members.

Verified Members are those who have provided to us either a Letter of Confirmation from the organisation they belong to i.e. company, government department, college / university to confirm their identity or a copy of their identity card / driver’s license.

Hence you may feel more comfortable to consider carpooling / travel sharing with a Verified Member.

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for his or her own safety. Nevertheless Tune Travel recommends that members' follow some simple safety measures outlined below:
  • Get to know your potential carpool companion as much as possible before you meet them.
  • Preferably, arrange your meeting in a public place.
  • Inform a friend or family member of who you will be traveling with, when and to where.
  • Make sure you show each other your Identity Cards, passports, student cards or driving licenses so  you know you're traveling with the right person.
  • Remember that you are under no obligation to go ahead with any carpooling arrangement. If you have  any doubts about your traveling companion, for any reason, you should avoid traveling with them.
  • If you are not comfortable travelling with strangers, try the Communities Section where travelling  information is only shared among community members.
  • If you have any problems in relation to your carpooling arrangement, please call us at 03-7804 6364  and we will try to help in any way that we can.
For more information about safety and security of personal information please read Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy .

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